Case Studies

Affirmation in Action

Each year an increasing number of Local Councils across Australia include the Australian Citizenship Affirmation into their Citizenship Ceremonies – both on Australia Day and throughout the year. And it’s not just Local Councils who are getting involved with the Affirmation  - more and more schools, workplaces and even Scout Groups are saying the Affirmation as part of their formal activities.

Find out more about how event organisers around the country are successfully incorporating the Australia Citizenship Affirmation into their events through the case studies below.

New citizens reflect on becoming an Australian citizen

Each year on Australia Day, more than 16,000 people become Australian citizens, affirming their loyalty and commitment to Australia and its people. The Affirmation Ceremony is a special part of Citizenship Ceremonies, it’s all about becoming Australian and being Australian. 

The Matildas and the Australian Citizenship Affirmation

The Australian Citizenship Affirmation offers everyone the opportunity to reflect on what they love about Australia. In the lead up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, Australian Women’s National Football team, the Maltidas reflect on what makes them proud to be Australian.

Australian Citizenship Affirmation & Australia's Local Hero 2016

An Australian Citizenship Affirmation is a short statement where anyone can affirm their loyalty and commitment to Australia and its people. Australia's Local Hero 2016 finalists reflect on what they love about being Australian.

Auburn City Council's Australian Citizenship Affirmation

Auburn City Council's Australia Day celebrations were held at Sydney Olympic Park on Monday, 26 January 2015, and included an Australia Day Ambassador and Australian Citizenship Affirmation.

Black Mountain School Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony

Black Mountain School (BMS) is a specialist secondary school (years 7 - 12) for students with an intellectual disability. In September 2014 they held an Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony with their school community. The Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony is a short ceremony which can be held on any day, at any occasion. 

National Multicultural Festival and the Australian Citizenship Affirmation

Held in Canberra every year, the National Multicultural Festival is a celebration of Australian multiculturalism. Over 100 people from 35 countries become citizens at the festival,  and the Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony is included as  an important part of the ceremony to give the whole community the opportunity to affirm their loyalty to Australia and its people.

Cub Scouts participate in an Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony

In 2012, the 1st Cherrybrook Cubs completed a number of activities to learn about active citizenship when working towards a Citizenship Level 1 badge. The activities peaked on National Citizenship Day, when the cubs completed staged an Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony. The 1st Cherrybrook cubs are a great example of how an Australian Citizenship Affirmation can be tailored to suit a variety of community gatherings with citizens of any age.

Australian Olympic Coach speaks on the benefits of the Affirmation Ceremony

Peggy Liddick on her new citizenship and the importance of the Australian Citizenship Affirmation

In her 16 years as Australian National Coach for Women’s Gymnastics, US born Peggy Liddick has played a critical role in the great achievements of Australian gymnasts. On Australia Day 2012, accompanied by her partner George and many members of the Australian women’s gymnastics squad, Peggy became an Australian citizen. In this video, Peggy reflects on her path to Australian citizenship and how the Australian Citizenship Affirmation added meaning to their Australian citizenship ceremony experience.

The Affirmation in Schools

An Australian Citizenship Affirmation ceremony can be held on any day, on any occasion. What better way to celebrate your pride in being Australian than by holding an Affirmation ceremony at your school assembly? 

“A lot of us hadn't had the chance to affirm our citizenship in that way and we were really excited to have the opportunity to say those important words about Australia. We'd definitely do it again; we'd like to make it an annual event,” says Aranda Primary School Teacher Rachel Campbell.

Watch the video case study to see National Australia Day Chair and Australian cricket legend Adam Gilchrist lead an Australian Citizenship Affirmation ceremony at Aranda Primary School in Canberra, and let the teachers and students share their experience with you.

Albury City Council and the Affirmation on Australia Day

Albury City in New South Wales is just one of the many places in Australia that includes an Australian Citizenship Affirmation ceremony into its celebrations on Australia Day. Located in Wiradjuri Country and covering 332 square kilometres, Albury is home to over 86,255 residents from a range of different cultures.

The Mayor of Albury City and Presiding Officer for the Citizenship Ceremony on Australia Day, Alice Glachan, says the Affirmation ceremony is an integral part of their celebrations on 26 January.

“It’s a real community event, thousands of people are offered an opportunity to reaffirm their belonging, their citizenship, it really adds to the spirit of the day,” Mrs Glachan says.

Watch the video case study to see how Albury City incorporates an Australian Citizenship Affirmation ceremony in their Australia Day celebrations and to watch interviews with the Mayor of Albury, and Events Team Leader.

Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony in the Hills Shire for Australia Day

The Hills Shire, in north-western Sydney, is one community that has built an Australian Citizenship Affirmation ceremony into its celebrations on 26 January. The Chair of the Hills Shire Australia Day Committee, volunteer John Ebbott, says that the Affirmation ceremony is an integral part of their events on 26 January. It is conducted at the flag-lowering ceremony, before the local fireworks show.

“Many people, like me, have never had a chance, being born here, to express what we feel about the country and I think it's great — and people who take part come up to me and say 'that was a great part of the ceremony',“ Mr Ebbott says.


Why not include the Affirmation in your Australia Day activities or next special event?