The Affirmation

Australian Citizenship Affirmation

The Australian Citizenship Affirmation is a short statement based on the pledge made by new Australian citizens. It reads: 


As an Australian citizen,
* I affirm my loyalty to Australia and its people,
Whose democratic beliefs I share,
Whose rights and liberties I respect,
And whose laws I uphold and obey.

* Non-Australian citizens can join in the Affirmation at this line


Holding an Affirmation Ceremony

An Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony is a short event where anyone can affirm their loyalty and commitment to Australia and its people. At the Ceremony, attendees recite the Affirmation that is based on the pledge made by new citizens. It is a wonderful way for members of the community to express their national pride and spirit and to celebrate the values that we share as Australians. Participation is voluntary but everyone is welcome to be involved. Non-citizens can join the Affirmation at the second line. 

The very first Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony was held on Australia Day in 1999 at Galston Park in NSW as part of the Australia Day citizenship ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of Australian citizenship.

Due to the popularity and success of ceremonies held that year, the Australian Citizenship Council recommended that local councils across Australia conduct Affirmation Ceremonies to increase awareness of the value and importance of citizenship among all Australians.

Now, more than a decade later, Affirmation Ceremonies are becoming an integral part of Australia Day celebrations. Right across the country, tens of thousands of Australians are taking the opportunity on Australia Day to celebrate and publicly declare their pride in being Australian by hosting or participating in an affirmation ceremony.